Clients are often pleased with the contractor looking after their staff restaurant, canteen or school refectory but do not know whether they are receiving best value.

Instead of going straight out to tender the alternative solution recommended by AOIC is a Best Value Review. Our consultants will complete a comprehensive survey of your current service together with an analysis of the last 12 months invoices.

Once we have completed the survey our consultants will calculate the true cost of your service based upon fully benchmarked data held in our extensive database. In addition we produce an Invitation to Tender including a detailed service level agreement.

Your current contractor is asked to complete the Invitation to Tender as if they were bidding the business afresh. Following an evaluation by our consultants and subject to a price similar to our benchmark, the contractor is asked to present to the client's team their vision for the future.

Both clients and contractors benefit from a Best Value Review.

  • The catering service is set of a sound footing
  • The client ensures the price they pay for catering is correct against a service level agreement
  • The contractor has the opportunity to demonstrate their competitiveness and continuance of business with a clear service level agreement.