The In House Consortium

Following an unsuccessful tender exercise, a consortium of schools, managed by a FM Manager, approached AOIC to project manage the move from a contracted to an In House catering service for 12 Primary schools.

  • A full financial and operational evaluation of all 9 schools – subsequently increased to 12 as non-consortium schools joined in
  • The introduction of a kitchen management system to ensure the catering department managed within the regulations
  • Changing the supplier base and negotiating better value for the schools
  • Introducing a marketing plan to increase numbers
  • Checking the nutritional value of each school's proposed menus
  • Working with the managers and staff to ensure a smooth transition
  • Providing a telephone and email help line to answer queries and questions
  • Taking full responsibility for the management of change
  • Assisted in the appointment of a Consortium Catering Manager

The benefits we brought to the schools include:

  • The project was completed on schedule without the need for client involvement and the catering staff realised their potential
  • The meal uptake has increased by 20%
  • Overall purchasing reduced by 15%
  • Savings allowed Cooks to increase the cost of food on the plate from the contractor's 39p to an average of 54p resulting in fresher, healthier food with more generous portions for the pupils.