The Hall School, Hampstead, London, NW3 4NU

The Hall School Charitable Trust is a private preparatory day school for boys, with approximately 394 pupils and 45 staff.

The catering service is contracted out and the supplier has held the contract for 9 years. The Bursar although very happy with the service being provided by the on site team was unsure as to whether he was getting value for money from the supplier and how much the contractor was earning from the contract. He commissioned Steve Barclay from The Association of Independent Consultants to carry out a full review of the service and finances by way of a 'Best Value' exercise.

The exercise was carried out and from the findings it was established that the contractor was earning a disproportionate amount from the school.

The AOIC on behalf of The Hall School carried out negotiations with the contractor and achieved an annual saving of £18k on the operating subsidy, an investment of £15k to upgrade the facility spread over 3 years and a more transparent and robust 3 year contract. This equates to a saving of £69k over the period of the contract.

The Hall School retained AOIC to monitor the new contract by way of audits on a termly basis.

The AOIC was later commissioned to assist the school in bringing the contracted cleaning service in-house producing a further saving to the school.

Client Quote

The increased discount and the £15k investment by the contractor were beyond my expectations. They made a substantial improvement to the operation, with a minimum of disruption to the running of the catering department. Your appreciation of what could be achieved was the trump card. The monitoring process was a helpful follow-up to the new contract. The audits happened smoothly and with good cooperation from the onsite team were reassuring and timely.

Bringing the cleaners in house has been a success too. The communications are easier with a happy workforce and the savings have been excellent.

Andrew Aiken
The Hall School Charitable Trust