All contract caterers shall be treated equally, fairly and impartially, and no requests by them for inclusion on tender lists shall be unreasonably denied, subject to pre-tender qualification. All tendering shall be subject to pre-tender qualification to determine the fitness, appropriateness, quality and standards of those companies applying in order to agree with the client the most suitable companies to invite to tender.

When auditing catering services, the incumbent caterer shall be afforded every respect, courtesy and confidentiality, and a policy of mutually open bookwork shall be applied. No revised budget or fee structure recommendations resulting from such auditing shall be implemented without the full consent of both client and caterer and shall remain subject to negotiation at all times.

Our fees shall be agreed with the client prior to the commencement of the work.

We shall not derive any benefits in cash or kind from any catering organisation or individual. All fees for work undertaken shall be charged to our client or amortised and charged to the client over the life of the contract by the caterer.

We shall not, under any circumstances, disclose any confidential information belonging to the Client or any Contractor involved in any associate work to any third party or anyone unconnected with the work.

We shall not under any circumstances use any confidential information belonging to the Client or any Contractor for its own benefit or the benefit of any third party.

The directors of each of the Companies are responsible for ensuring this Code of Practice is adhered to at all times by them, all employees and all associate consultants.

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