Is Tendering My Only Option?

Tendering your catering or cleaning service can cause anxiety for your existing staff because they believe their jobs are at risk. Even with an improved understanding of TUPE it is natural for individual employees to feel concerned. You may wish some of your staff would leave but in reality the good ones go and the others stay.

So, how do you tender your catering or cleaning service without setting off unnecessary alarms within your existing staff? After all they are the only real asset to the service and they have a legal right to transfer if you change contractor so treating them right is a good idea.

The answer is to employ a consultant that has considerable operational experience in handling people, the ability to answer questions and be trusted. AOIC consultants have all held positions as Operations Directors and above with the major players in the contract catering market. Between us we clock up over 100 years of catering experience. Each of us has been responsible for over 1000 employees ranging from small operations employing a Cook Manager and a couple of staff to multi site locations employing a General Managers, Hospitality Managers Executive Chefs and a team of specialist staff or an operation employing a significant number of cleaning staff.

Having received your instructions an AOIC consultant will quickly develop a rapport with your team and set their minds at rest. We need their help to understand fully your business. Therefore, we do not prejudge the conclusions of our reports until we have completed our survey. On many occasions we have been able to advise clients that they have a sound operational team but the leadership is poor or the finances are out of kilter. The report will advise you in clear, unambiguous English whether you are receiving Best Value from your service provider or provide you with firm facts for negotiation or a footprint for Tendering.

If you decide to Tender then your AOIC consultant uses the report to form the basis of the Invitation to Tender (ITT). Unlike most other consultancies an AOIC Tender document is bespoke to your service and contains the precise information needed by a contractor to put together a safe bid. This is important, as it reduces, considerably, any future disputes. Contractors have praised AOIC for their comprehensive and no nonsense approach with straight forward unambiguous financial spreadsheets.

The AOIC Tender provides both our client and their preferred service provider with a win win situation. But success stems from the Survey and an understanding of the actual service requirements.

You may not need to Tender but an AOIC survey will tell you why.

We provide honest, expert advice in plain English to improve your catering business. We do not charge for our initial consultation and the cost of future work is agreed in advance. We expect to recoup our fees from service and financial improvements.

Our audit may be the first step to a full tender or just to confirm you are receiving best value. Being totally independent, we pride ourselves on our impartial reports that provide clients, with straightforward solutions.